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Of Mice and Men Notebook



5. SODACRACKERS by Raymond Carver


2nd period

soda crackers

30 days

1st period



forgiveness Poem

comma splices







11. i live in music by Ntzoake Shange


writers workshop


Of Mice and Men–N word activity


I live in music

Copy of sheets on summary, etc

Writers Workshop



forgiveness Poem




June 26–

Period 1

Papa Who Wakes Up In The Dark by Sandra Cisneros


:30 time to check notebook, all in, organize notebook

supplies needed: Notebook and glue sticks, stapler.

Sherman Alexie Video  :20

Reading from Novel

questions from novel

Period 2

Papa Who Wakes Up In The Dark by Sandra Cisneros

:30 time to check notebook, all in, organize notebook


Organize notebook for of mice and men

Of Mice and Men Notebook

dialogue journals

supplies needed: Notebook and glue sticks, stapler

Time for working on story


June 22, 2017


Models for my name activity

16. My Name by Sandra Cisneros

My Name–my version

I am From Poem


three columns

























































Sample of three columns

three columns

We also chose one thing from your three samples to write on

Homework: bring in 8 1/2 x 11 notebook













Day 2, June 28th

Martian Chronicles writing/model 9th and tenth

15. The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

My example:


9th Grade

Of Mice and Men Notebook

anticipation guide for of mice and men 2

My example:


10th Grade

Notebook for Night

9th and 10th

Expectations and Rules for Writing Workshop

June 29th

9th and 10th

17. Bright Lights, Big City by Jay McInerney

my example:


atwell dialogue

10th grade

Writers workshop

10th Grade

Reading/John Green

9th Grade


Lennie and George Drawings

Back to novel reading

June 30th

]forgiveness Poem

10th grade:

Vocabulary Squares


dialogue jour



25. Wish List by Pearl Jam


The Bad Samaritan?  from 60 minutes.  Parts one and Two–Socratic Seminar


Notebooks were checked at the end of the period.

July 5


Knock Knock-at the end, Beatty writes a letter to his father.  Your job is to write a letter to a person telling them what you feel you wish you had heard, but never did. Advice in your life, in a letter form

Knock Knock by Daniel Beaty

Writers workshop

show through example how to talk about someone’s work

Quiz on Wednesday on Mice or Night


Elie Wiesel on Oprah/thoughts on death


Elie Wiesel above/part 2 of Oprah

July 6th

Writing Model

24. Foul Shot by Edwin A Hoey

How to Correct Comma Splices

working on 750 word essay due

Begin Rewrite


Quiz on Night



9th Quiz

Cover page and quotes/15 by end of week

Dr. Jack

July 7-


Using article on Gagne and Isidore Duncan write a personification piece

Gagne 1-2

Gagne 2 Complaint of Isadora Duncan’s Scarf by Charles Jensen

working on final draft


Night reading

working on character cards



working on quotes

Of Mice and Men to Burn’s poem To A Mouse-Making Connections



starting model:

Part-Tme Indian

Part time Indian How to Fight Monsters

Nancie Atwell Spelling


working on story

before handing in, answer the following

before handing in story

9th Seminar Reading

Jesus Colon, Little Things are Big

10th Seminar
Movie:the Wave

check notebooks last half hour


Two Voice Poetry Rubric


Writing Starter

21. Papa Who Wakes by Sandra Cisneros

Symbols—-from the handout–Night Symbols

finishing Night

11. i live in music by Ntzoake Shange

1/2 hour working on the symbols

life is beautiful handouts

Life is Beautiful Note-Catching Sheet

Life is Beautiful Viewing Chart



Writing Activity

5. SODACRACKERS by Raymond Carver

Life is Beautiful: Finish film

Roberto Begnini Speeches Oscar

Jeopardy: Review of Night

Night Jeopardy review

Test on Night

Night Quiz

life is Beautiful Relfection

Life is Beautiful Reflect and Respond Writing Assignments

Night and Life is Beautiful Essay Questions

26. High Fidelity by Nick Hornsby


Finish Essay

Test on Night

Night Book Test

Catching up on Notebook



9th grade

Of Mice and Men Jeopardy


Mentor Text


Pam Munoz Ryan–Crossing Borders

First Crossing by Pam Munoz Ryan

interior monologue

Begin Essay–

Compare Night and Life Is Beautiful

story/thesis/use of quotes/blending in quotes

First draft due on Tuesday, by end of class.

Essay example:

Introduction(story)  When my next door neighbor died of cancer, so many people came to his side.   I was amazed that some people that I thought were annoying neighbors who gave my family dirty looks all came out and supported this family.  I was wrong about my neighborhood and people around me.  (thesis. What Essay is about)  As we have seen in Life Is Beautiful and Night by Elie Wiesel a sense of family, perseverance, and the power to give to others, charity, conquers all.

(body paragraphs, about 8 sentences. 1st body paragraph.  The characters never abandoned their families.topic sentence—tells what paragraph is about.)  The bond of family, if strong, can hold almost anything together.   (examples)  For example, Guido in Life is Beautiful, although separated by a concentration camp, finds ways to speak to his wife through music and a loud speaker.  In Night, even though Rabbi Eliahou can’t find his son, and continues to ask, “Perhaps you have seen him somewhere?” (Wiesel, 87). Although in both cases, they may never see their loved ones, they keep hope alive.  In the book and the movie they are constantly seeing humans doing anything to keep their families alive, including Dora actually getting on a train to follow her family into a hellish concentration camp and Elie seeing his father on death’s door, saying, “Father, wake up. They’re trying to throw you out of the carriage.” (p.94)  (wrap up with a concluding sentence)  Without family, these characters would have no hope at all.

(2nd body paragraph. They never gave up)Still, to have hope, you must believe that if you keep going, despite all odds, you will succeed.  In Life is Beautiful, Guido is a poor waiter in love with a rich girl who is about to be married.  He should have no shot and yet he wins her over.  In Night, Juliek, once covered in dead bodies, finds a way to “give a concert to dead and dying men.” (Wiesel, 90) This amazing belief that things can be achieved when no one else does is what makes normal people great.  In the movie, although there are anti-Semitic signs written on Guido’s store, he dismisses it as a small problem, and one that there’s no need to worry about.  In Night Elie fights to hold on to his tooth, refusing to give his “ration of bread,” (Wiesel, 53) in exchange for a tooth.  (concluding sentence.)  It is this strength that allows us to not give up on our society when we see tragedy occur.

(3rd body paragraph. Charity to others)  Most importantly the movie and film have taught us that can only have a meaningful life, by giving to others, even when we have nothing left to give.  Elie’s father says, “take this knife . . . I don’t need it any longer,” when it is the only thing he can give to his son. In the movie, Guido finds a way for his son to eat with other German children, even though this is risking his life.  By the end of story, Guido gives him the biggest gift possible, as he marches on to his death to ensure his son will survive.  Elie, on the other hand, will always have to live with the fact that Eliezer, had nothing more to give his father, as he begged, “My son, water.” (Wiesel, 105).  A good life is one in which we give to others everything we can, and these characters exemplify this attitude.

Conclusion. Wrap up, 2-3 sentences. Through the people around us, the hope they offer and what we can offer to them, we can live a more complete life.  Guido and Eliezer found ways, despite all their roadblocks to flourish.  We need to learn from these two, that there are ways to live good lives no matter what are circumstances are.


Mentor Text

Finish Pam Munoz Ryan

Back to essay–TIme to work on first draft.

if extra time, begin 30 days


Incorporating Quotes

finish up First draft–check



Mentor Text

Finish Up NAFTA Role Play

Final draft of essay–writing

9th grade:

Sample essay:

A story:

Paragraph one

My landlord last year died of cancer.  During the last 6 months, she was in bed the whole time and her stomach was bloated she couldn’t walk. She no longer seemed to have a reason to live.Thesis:  As in Of Mice and Men and You Don’t know Jack, people should be able to make their own choices when it comes to their own lives.

(1st body.  No one but God should be able to judge people about 8 sentences.) (topic sentence) No one but God has the right to judge us.  For example, Dr. Jack constantly has religious people nagging him to stop, but he refused to give in.  In Of Mice and Men, George says, “I ain’t so smart. If I was I wouldn’t be buckin’ barley for my fifty found.” (31, Steinbeck)  George understand that even if Lennie is dumb, he is in no position to judge him. Dr. Jack knows that the truth is more important than what others think. That’s why he agrees, against what his lawyer things,  to go to jail and starve himself.    Also, George knows what other people think about how he could “stay in a cat house all night.” (11, Steinbeck).  Still, he’s respected for taking care of Lennie.  (one sentence to wrap up paragraph)  Unless we’ve lived in someone’s shoes, we can’t judge them.

(2nd body. People shouldn’t be forced to live in pain”)  In addition,  no one should be forced to live in pain if they don’t have to.  Dr. Jack treated a man who couldn’t even swallow without being in agony.   In Of Mice and Men Slim knows that if Lennie is caught, “they’ll stick him in a booby hatch.” (97, Steinbeck). This would just be cruel.  In You Don’t Know Jack, the protagonist says he’s doing this for himself, so someday he won’t be in pain.  Unfortunately, in George’s case, in order to free Lennie, he is ending his own life as from here on he’ll be just “sitting in a cat house,” (84, Steinbeck).  (one sentence to wrap up paragraph).  Even though it will hurt us, sometimes we have to set people free.

Life or death choices are never easy.  However, they are choices, that we as human beings are free to make.



Mentor Text

Final draft-writing/due at the end of the period.




Mentor Text ABC

Read Around and edit

If time/30 days

10th grade


NAFTA Conference Bill Bigelow